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Led by a team with 60+ years of IRB experience, Univo IRB is your next generation trusted IRB partner. Combining customer-oriented agility and current, forward-thinking technology with reliable service, we help you navigate the path to IRB approval faster and with less bureaucracy.

Experience our commitment to bringing the voice of the patient into your research while obtaining highly qualified IRB reviews with fast turnarounds and exceptional service.

Your Single IRB

IRBs are essential to protect clinical trial integrity and safeguard the rights and welfare of patients. But when it comes to IRB options, customers are often forced to choose between oversized and expensive or underequipped and inexperienced. Today you have a better choice for an AAHRPP accredited IRB.

IRB Review of Phase I-IV Biomedical, Biotech, Medical Device, & Noninterventional Studies

Univo IRB offers the standard range of IRB solutions set apart by a flexible, service-first approach in everything from pre-submission regulatory consulting to guidance throughout the study.

Together, we will bring better research options to everyone. 


Quickly launch your study with our industry-leading, user-friendly platform that facilitates document submission, collaboration, and access.

Partner with Univo IRB to get to study start-up faster.

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